We have a vision for weed control.

We are specalists in online systems for weed control and we help farmers to cut expenses on herbicides while simultaneously reducing hebicide loads on the environment. We call it IPMwise. 

Our concept can be used for weed management on fields in general but also for precision weed control connected to weed species recognition using artifical intelligence.

IPM Consult has more than 25 years of international research experience in this field and can provide customized solutions in almost any arable region in the world. 

We work on a daily basis with experts and private companies all over Europe to deliver agronomically and environmentally sound and safe solutions based on research and science. 

So far we have commercial available solutions in Spain and Denmark, but soon also in Germany and Norway.

Take a tour on our website and also explore IPMwise which is our commercial solution for Denmark. To get a trial login for IPMwise, please use contact details at the bottom of this page.

Our vision is to spread our ideas to the world, country by country, but we need your help and if you share our ideas we would like to invite you to collaborate with us.